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Questions relating to the event "A Night of Ghosts".

If a question isn't answered here, please get in touch via our contact page.


1. Is the show suitable for children? 

"A Night of Ghosts" is designed with a primarily adult audience in mind, however we have had, and are able to accommodate, under 18s in the audience if the venue allows and older children have enjoyed the event.  We would advise that due to the themes, and possible adult language used, that the show may not be suitable for under 13s.

2. Which venues allow under-18s?

The Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow, and the Grand Pavilion Matlock Bath both are open to under 18s.

3. What is accessibility like in the venues?

It varies.  We know that each person's accessibility needs can be different, and accessibility is a very broad topic.  Each venue is very different, we have linked to each venue's "about" page or, if they have it, accessibility page.
Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow
Firebug Bar, Leicester
Sidney & Matilda [Factory], Sheffield
The Grand Pavilion Matlock Bath
Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Newcastle - Access information is located near the bottom of their venue hire page and states: "The private hire venue is on the first floor of the premises meaning it unfortunately has no disabled access. It has a split level staircase (with a break in the middle to rest) of 5/break/12 with handrails on either side."

4. Do you provide free carer tickets?
Yes, we do! To reserve a free carer ticket please get in touch with us via our contact page.


5. How much are tickets?

Early Bird tickets, available only during May, are £12/£17.  Regular tickets go on sale from June 1st and are £14/£16/£18/£20.

6. What do the different ticket levels mean?  Which are full price and concession?
None are full price.  None are concession.  You simply select the price to pay from the options.  We know that many people are hit harder than others at the current moment, and what does or doesn't qualify as "concession" can be pretty broad or very narrow depending on the seller. So we simply put the price options up, and you choose what to pay.  It is hoped that those able to pay higher levels do so, which enables us to allow a broader and more accessible ticket set up.

7. So how much should I pay?
If we were to set a firm price, we'd suggest full price is £18 and concession is £14, with £16 being what we'd set if we only had a single price, and £20 being an "enhanced" ticket with add-ons.

8. Can I get a refund?
Sorry, but we do not offer refunds except when we cancel the event entirely.  Some of our locations are within a reasonable distance of each other and we may be able to change your ticket to another venue.

9. How do I book tickets?
Simply click on the Tickets link above (desktop) or the Burger Menu (mobile), select the show, select the price, pay with Debit/Credit card or Paypal.  Job done.

10. Can I buy tickets on the door, or do I need to reserve?
We advise buying ahead of time where possible as shows are liable to sell out.  If there are tickets available on the door we only accept card payments.


11. Can I take photographs, or record video?

You can take photographs during the show but must not use any flash or illumination.  Video recording of any kind is not permitted.

12. How early should I arrive?

Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Firebug, and Sidney & Matilda are all part of functioning nightlife venues and will be open for drinks, and in some cases food, several hours before the show.  The Grand Pavilion and The Britannia Panopticon will open only for the event.  In all cases the doors to the performance area will open 30 minutes before the show start time.

13.  Do you admit late arrivals?

We do. A member of our team will be on the doors to the performance space during the show to allow anyone arriving late. However, you may need to wait to be admitted at a suitable time. 

14. Can I buy a drink at the venue and take it into the show?
Yes.  We encourage it!  Show our venues the love!  The Grand Pavilion and Britannia Panopticon both have bars at the rear of the performance space so you will only be able to access them when doors open 30 minutes before.

15. Under what circumstances might I be asked to leave?

If you're being abusive, intrusive, disruptive, or aggressive, then we may ask you to leave.  Basically, don't disturb other people's enjoyment.

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