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Church Mouse Book Two:

The Change


Rona is afraid.
She watches the minutes disappear.
Rona is about to change.

Rona wakes.
You will not recognise her.
Neither will she at first. Not even her own name. No one warned her it wouldn’t happen overnight. No one warned her of a drawn-out transmutation unlike anything she could have imagined.

Because nothing can prepare you for this.

Turn the pages of Rona Dean’s diary as she finally learns the murkiest secrets of undead blood.

There is no glamour. No favouritism. No means too savage.
And no room for mistakes!

In an ancient underworld governed by ruthless territoriality, this new existence will challenge the young novice to beyond her limits. And when an old rival threatens their home, it will take all her new-found instincts to survive a cunning game against predators far stronger than she.

Meanwhile, an emotional tension is building between her and inscrutable mentor Serge, testing them both to breaking point as lost memories slowly, but surely, begin to resurface …

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