Featuring possessed mediums, mind reading demonstrations and the Victorian Seance brought back to life on stage for the modern world. Paranormal magic that is interactive, engaging, frightful and fun, recreating the lost world of the Séance. We plunge you back into the 19th century and the séance parlour to witness supernatural skills, spirit communication and direct mind reading of your inner most thoughts.

Each seance features a Spirit Cabinet demonstration.  These were popular in early to mid Spiritualism and involved a medium placed inside the cabinet, restrained and the cabinet closed.  After which various items inside the cabinet would come to life despite the medium being restrained and unable to reach them.

You can book a seance for almost any event, anywhere in the UK.  The price starts at just £150.  They are a great bit of alternative entertainment for parties, events, social nights, and celebrations of all kinds.  Purely theatre and magic we can assure you (probably) that we have the spooks and spectres under total control!

To discuss the specifics of your event and how we can bring a seance to you, just complete the contact form.

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